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Finance Plugin

Product Highlights

  • Complete client finance management
  • Fully automatic Recurring billing
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual billing
  • Email invoices
  • Multiple site billing
  • Credit card processing
  • Bank drafts (ACH)
  • Sales tax based on your client address
  • Collection management
  • Financial reports

General tab

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Plugin Overview

The Finance Plugin is the perfect tool to manage all of your client finance needs from invoice to receivables to collections, the Finance Plugin can help you stay on top of the single most important part of your business – Finance.

Feature Description

Recurring tab
History tab
Recurring billing
Print bills
Email bills
Charge credit cards
Off site bill printing and mailing
Recurring Counts
Credit tab
Multiple site billing
Rate increase wizard







The Finance Plugin is just one of many optional Plugins that can literally be plugged in to your program using our exclusive “Adaptive Plugin Technology”

The Finance plugin can be used to easily manage all client financial functions including

  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • credit card processing
  • sales tax reporting
  • receivables
  • collections
  • reporting

Recurring Billing

At the heart of the finance Plugin for most people is the recurring billing function.  Companies like alarm companies have the great pleasure of billing their customers for recurring or ongoing services such as their alarm monitoring services.  The finance Plugin can help you easily control all aspects of your recurring billing including

  • Print or email bills
  • pro-rating the first or last month of service
  • automatically calculate sales taxes based on your clients location or based on your location,
  • Manage multiple recurring services per client (Standard edition and higher)
  • Manage billing multiple sites on a single bill client (Standard edition and higher)
  • Automatically process credit cards and bank draft
  • Bills automatically show the range of dates for which the client is being billed.


Easily create invoices for installations, service calls, etc. with the easy-to-use invoice window. 

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable function is used to quickly and easily post all client payments to client accounts. 


The Statements function is used to help collect delinquent accounts


The Collections function is used to manage telephone collection efforts.

Rate Increase wizard

The rate increase wizard can be used to easily raise rates for recurring services for all of your customer.


The History tab shows a complete listing of all financial history for all clients.  Easily recall, modify and / or reprint or email any invoice you choose.