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Custom Plugin

Product Highlights

  • Design your own custom Plugin
  • Add any number of tabs across the top
  • Add any number of fields
  • The tab on the right hand side will show your name and logo
  • Custom Plugins are exclusive.  Used only by you.

Sample main screen

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Plugin Overview

The Custom plugin gives you the unique ability to custom design a plugin meeting your exact requirements. Once completed, the plugin will literally plug in to your program and instantly work along with all other plugins and features in your program including your password system, import, export, batch edit and more.

Feature Description

Data management



One of the most incredible opportunities in the Premier program is a custom designed Plugin.  This gives you the opportunity to design your own Plugin which holds the information most important to you exactly as you would like.  You design the Plugin from top to bottom.  We build it for you and add it to your program.  It will work seamlessly with all other parts of the program including other Plugins, searches, queries, password protection, etc.

This is a very rare opportunity to add your own complete customization to what is already a vast and extensive program.  Usually, programs of this type can not be easily customized other than superficial customizations.  If custom add-ons are created for other programs, they are usually completely separate applications that tap into your database.

This Custom Plugin is completely different.  It will seamlessly fit in with all of your other Plugins.  The tab on the right hand side of the Plugin will bear your name and company logo.  Lastly, your custom Plugin will only be available to you and no one else.