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MS Word Plugin

Product Highlights

  • Embed a MS Word document in every account
  • Automatically loads and displays each accounts word document

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Plugin Overview

The MS Word plugin will embed a Microsoft Word document into every account. Use MS Word to keep an ongoing word document for each account. Your program will automatically load and display each account's word document in the MS Word plugin each time an account is displayed. (MS Word required).

Feature Description

Seamlessly integrates MS Word into each account



The MS Word Plugin contains the popular Microsoft Word processing program. This program can be used to create professional documents for your clients..


What’s unique about containing Word in a Plugin is that the Plugin automatically loads the most recently edited document for your customer when your customer’s account is selected. When you switch from client to client, you will automatically see the most recently edited document for each client you switch to.


More about MS Word

Office Word 2007 helps information workers create professional-looking content more quickly than ever before. With a host of new tools, you can quickly construct documents from predefined parts and styles, as well as compose and publish blogs directly from within Word. Advanced integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and new XML-based file formats make Office Word 2007 the ideal choice for building integrated document management solutions.